Charm 08


Have you ever wondered what happens with you when you are sleeping and dreaming?
How often do your dreams were hard to distinguish from reality?
Have you ever seen prophetic dreams?

Here is an interesting exerpt from my award-winning book Charm: An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat:

“One evening I stuffed myself with different fruits. I do not remember what they were; I just remember mixing things I had never mixed before.

I found that same insecticide pet shampoo with the scent of meadow plants which I once used to bathe Charm. I breathed in its smell and remembered Charm. Before going to bed, I began looking through Charm’s photos…

That night I had a dream about walking through a beautiful fairy-tale forest with fanciful trees. It felt very realistic. Walking among the old trees, through a curtain of swarming butterflies, I noticed my Charm sitting on a bough which was stretching by the forest floor. I rejoiced and began calling him, “Charm! Charm!” but he did not hear me. Charm
kept looking off to the side. What a beauty he was! Yes, this was my Charm! At this point, array of sunlight shone on him gracefully through the tree branches. I approached Charm and noticed that his eyes were pink…

As I was waking up, still half asleep and lying with my eyes shut, I felt Charm’s presence near me, very close, somewhere to the left, around ten centimeters away from my head. This was a Bundle of his Energy! I could not confuse it with anything else.

Having fully wakened up but afraid to move and to scare away the spirit, I was lying happily and enjoying its presence. I felt like I was in paradise. Charm was nearby! I used to feel his aura this strongly only in his presence. Even with my eyes closed, many times, when he would come to wake me up in the morning.”

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