Charm: An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat reviewed by Readers Favorite

Rating: 5.0 stars

Reviewed by Jean Hall for Readers’ Favorite

Perhaps miracles do happen. Leyla Atke describes her love for a rescued kitten in Charm: An Amazing Story Of A Little Black Cat. Leyla has a hair appointment when she is taking a break from her work in town. She spies a small, black spot in the middle of the street. For the moment, cars are not rushing by and she sees that the black spot is a helpless, black kitten. She takes the kitten out of harm’s way and she gently cares for it. Much of the grime is washed away with a careful bath. The tiny, fur-ball of a kitten grows into a confident, panther-like cat with green eyes. One fateful day, the window frames of the family home are being replaced, and the black cat called Charm runs away. Perhaps Charm will be found, one way or the other.

Leyla Atke writes and illustrates this heartfelt tale of the furry, black Charm. The childlike perspective of the young woman is both engaging and surprising. The illustrations are in crayon as a child would draw them. There is a diagram of the scene where the kitten is saved from oncoming cars. There are also photographs to tell her story. Charm is also the story of the young woman whose heart is completely given to this vulnerable creature. I felt a surge of sympathy for the woman and her cat. She has so much love to give and she feels so much. This is a story for kids and adults who want to feel the tug of both disappointment and joy.