Books for Miami Book Fair

Just finished sending my own PR to Danish media today. Tomorrow going to hit bibliotheks and book stores. And now about packing my books for sending to ‪#‎ReadersFavorite‬ for displaying them on Miami Book Fair International, as they asked me.

The portion of the Miami Book Fair International where Readers Favorite display books at their booth will be over the course of 3 days, November 21-23. RF booth will have racks displaying the several hundred award-winning books from this year’s contest. However, the idea here is not sales but exposure. They want to get your book noticed, not only by people in the literary field, but by the estimated hundreds of thousands of visitors that will walk by over the course of the 3 day event.

Readers Favorite will attempt to sell 2 of my 3 books to get them into the hands of people so they can tell others about it. RF will keep the 3rd book on the shelf to continue its exposure and tell interested visitors they can purchase it online. One hundred percent of the money earned from book sales will be donated to their 4 charities (St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Meals on Wheels, Kids in Need, and the Adult Literacy League), as well as all remaining books.

This way you can be sure that your books will not only be put into the hands of people that want to read them, but the money generated from their sale as well as a copy of your book will go on to bring joy and support to those in need. Readers’ Favorite also donates financially to these charities each year.


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