Thank you for a wonderful 5-star #Amazon #review, Danielle Soucy Mills!

#‎Charm‬ says thanks to Danielle Soucy Mills for amazing 5 star ‪#‎amazon‬ ‪#‎review‬ for Charm: An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat by Leyla Atke :
“An incredible true story about a little black kitten found miraculously unharmed amid a busy street–the first time. The narrator of the story, Leyla, rescues the kitten which she decides to call Charm and quickly grows attached. Sadly, one day Charm goes missing, and the result is not so favorable–or so we think. Leyla devastatingly discovers what she believes to be Charm’s body–until another black kitten identical to the Charm Leyla had found years before on the street shows up at her window–right beside Charm’s grave. A miraculous tale of mystery, loss, and hope of rekindled friendship. Of reincarnation, learning important life lessons, and the presence of a Higher Power. This story is accompanied by charming illustrations and photographs of Charm who the reader will fall in love with again–and then again”. ‪#‎books‬, ‪#‎cats‬,‪#‎supernatural‬, ‪#‎reincarnation‬, ‪#‎afterlife‬…/dp/1609764…/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top