Awesome #review from #book queen Debra Gaynor

Awesome ‪#‎book‬ ‪#‎review‬ from Debra Gaynor.  ‪#‎cats‬

Charm is the story of a tiny black kitten that stole the heart of author, Leyla Atke. Leyla was in a hurry when she saw the tiny black kitten in a precarious situation, in the midst of heavy traffic. With a kind heart Leyla rescued the kitten with the intention of leaving him in the park but the kitten had another plan in mine and began to follow her. She gave the little guy a nice bath and underneath the grim she discovered the kitten was charming with his black fur and turquoise eyes. Charm was a very fitting name. He spent most of his time on her bed sleeping. Charm grew into a “handsome creature.” Unfortunately, Charm saw an open window and went exploring at an abandoned factory. Leyla searched high and low for Charm but he didn’t come home and she didn’t find him in time. But that wasn’t the end of Charm.

Charm by author, Leyla Atke is a charming tale filled with love for animals and a bit of what some may call mysticism. Having had a similar experience I call it a God thing. While the topic may sound sad there is a positive message in the book. Charm can be used to begin a discussion on death and life after death. Charm is beautifully illustrated. The colors are bright and the drawings are well done. This book was written for children but adults will enjoy the tale also. I highly recommend Charm!!charm/c1ywo