Awesome 5-star review of Charm from mother and child :) #cats, #books, #animals.

Jay Arcy rated it 5 of 5 stars Marta Final

This is a good read for pet lovers out there. People who do not own pets don’t know how crushed we become when a pet leaves us. We treat a pet as family and our hearts break when it passes on. This book is full of heart and kindness and hope.

I read this to my little boy the other night and he loved it. Last night, I read it to him again, never mind if he was already so sleepy. When he woke up this morning, he saw one of the kittens that our cat just gave birth to, one was really grey and he said, “Mom, that’s Charm!”

Before he left for school this morning, he whispered, “Mom, tell me Charm’s story again tonight before I go to sleep. No reading. You have to memorize!” What a challenge!