Wonderful 5-star review for Charm from Marta Moran Bishop #cats, #readers, #books, #libraries

Wonderful 5-star review for Charm from Marta Moran Bishop

Leyla Atke’s book Charm: An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat is a little book with great magic and heart. It is a book that I don’t believe you have to be a cat lover for it to touch your heart, instead if you are a lover of life you will find this book worth the time to read.

It drew me in from page one and held my interest sometimes in sorrow, when tears sprang from my eyes unbidden, and sometimes in delight for the little black cat held enchantment in its soul.

Ms. Atke held me in the palm of her hand as she laid out her story. It left me believing in the value of hope and miracles and wishing it wouldn’t end. I believe Ms. Atke has a definite talent for story telling that can only continue to grow. She weaves her tale so naturally, she makes you believe it is all true and if it isn’t it should be.

The book contains charming illustrations done by the author and could be read by and to children as well as enjoyed by an adult.

Highly Recommended!

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