Awesome interview with award-winning author and book marketing coach Alinka Rutkowska!

Today I am so honored to interview Alinka Rutkowska, award-winning author of multiple children’s books. Alinka is a writer, alinka_cartoon_low - Version 2 mother, wife and professional book marketing coach!

  • Alinka, could you please tell about yourself? Where you grew up, your roots, the places you lived, your family and your current place of living?  
    1. I grew up partly in Poland and partly in the USA – in Oklahoma exactly! My parents say it was a little bit boring there but I don’t get it – I had a blast in kindergarten and in primary school! I studied and worked in the corporate world all over Europe, Milan and Paris being some of the magnificent cities I lived in. I did learn to drive in the French capital, which is not an easy task, but I never learnt the language of love as well as I learnt Italian. After a couple of years of a fast paced corporate career I decided to take a year off and flew to New Zealand to take a cruise. There was a very handsome sailor on board who would send chocolate-coated strawberries to my cabin every day, so I married him. Now we live in a beautiful village by the sea in North-west Italy, and our two-year old is having a blast!
  • How can you describe yourself? What kind of person are you? 
    1. I’m a very dynamic person. I like to act fast. When I set my mind on something I go and get it.  I used to set goals and take action to achieve them and I almost always did. Now I am more relaxed about it all. I make sure that I’m enjoying what I’m doing and my actions are inspired rather than motivated. I’m a happy person but it took me years to learn to be this way. It’s all a matter of thinking. If you just keep thinking better-feeling thoughts, you get to a place in which you feel really good most of the time. And then those things that I used to struggle for flow easily into my life.
  • You are an author of many wonderful children’s books. Could you please tell from where comes your inspiration for writing books for children?  Book Signing1
    1. Thank you, Leyla. My “Maya & Filippo” Series was inspired by both my cruising (I married a seaman so there are  perks!) and my life philosophy. The books show children various places around the world and introduce them to a positive life philosophy. There a let of facts, a positive message slipped in and a quiz at the end – all of which make my readers write exceptional reviews 🙂 Come over to my website at and I’ll give you one of my books for free 🙂
  • You recently attended the 2014 Readers Favorite Award Ceremony in Miami. Tell about this! 10258477_750623125020137_37380933936488649_o
    1. It was amazing. I’ve won other awards and attended other author events but the Readers Favorite Award Ceremony in Miami was magical. I met some amazing, talented authors, I made invaluable connections and I had the most wonderful time! I hope to win again next year to be able to come and repeat this marvelous experience.
  • Do you have any other activity associated with book business? 
    1. I coach other authors on how to achieve the success they desire. I offer trainings and coaching on a variety of topics. Why don’t you come over to my hub for authors at and I’ll get you started with a free e-book “200 BOOK MARKETING TIPS”.
  • What you are currently working on? Any future plans? mini covers mf
    1. I’m about to launch a completely new children’s book series and I cannot contain my excitement! I can’t wait to see  the book on paper, to leaf through the pages, to smell it (yeah, I do it) and to shout out from rooftops about it! I have several other projects going on that I hope will benefit and excite both my readers and my fellow authors. Connect with me at to stay in the loop 🙂
  • What are your hobbies?

I love skiing, traveling, cruising, body-pump, body-combat, romantic comedies and going to the beach for no longer than an hour close to sunset. I really enjoy good wine (it has to be good) and dark chocolate. Does it count as a hobby?

Thank you for the great interview, Alinka! Readers can find out more about Alinka Rutkowska and her books at her website: